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Bosch Car Service - Light and Visibility Guide

How important is correct headlight adjustment?

Incorrectly set lights Incorrectly set headlights are not only a danger to the driver, but for all other road users as well. Not only do they fail to provide sufficient illumination, they can also dazzle the drivers of oncoming vehicles. So it is important to have your lights checked at regular intervals to ensure safe driving at all times. Bosch Car Service workshops can also perform halogen headlamp adjustment for you. Remember: With halogen headlamp systems the range should always be adjusted if the luggage compartment is heavily laden. Litronic/xenon headlamp systems do this for you automatically.

Why it is advisable to drive with the lights on even during the day.

Cars traveling with dipped headlights are always easier to see – in fog, snow or rain. Driving with "normal" dipped beam does however also result in greater wear and tear on the bulbs. This is the reason why Bosch developed powerful bulbs like the Plus 90 with its outstanding light efficiency or the particularly durable Longlife Daytime. It is not without good reason that car drivers regularly give Bosch automotive bulbs top marks, as they let you drive with the lights constantly switched on – at any time of day or night.

What is to be heeded when using fog lamps?

Fog lamps and rear fog lights increase road traffic safety but there are certain conditions governing their use.

Fog lampsPoints to note:

Fog lamps should only be switched on if visibility is severely impaired by rain, fog or snow. Rear fog lights must only be used if visibility drops below 50 m.

Why is wiper quality so important?

Good visibility largely depends on the quality of the wipers. After all, wipers have to complete more than 750,000 wipe cycles, corresponding to an area equivalent to about 80 football pitches. And as if that were not enough, they also have to withstand the toughest conditions:


  • Temperature fluctuations between -30°C and 80°C with exposure to direct sunlight
  • Dirt, insects, ice, etc. on the windshield
  • Chemical influences

When should wipers be changed?

Even the best eyes have trouble seeing when wiper blades become worn. Even so, most drivers do not change their wipers until the chatter accompanying every change of direction becomes a nuisance.

But incorrect fitting of wiper arms can also cause severe streaking and smearing, so it is best to let us do it. We will set the wipers properly or, if necessary, fit your vehicle with new quality products from Bosch – to ensure optimum wiping action even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Wiper infographic

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