Avoiding Aquaplaning: How to Stay in Control During Wet Road Conditions

Avoiding Aquaplaning: How to Stay in Control During Wet Road Conditions

Learn essential tips and techniques from Bosch Car Service to stay in control and avoid aquaplaning in challenging weather conditions.

Aquaplaning occurs when the tyres of your vehicle build a layer of water, leading to the loss of traction and also decreasing the chances of quick response from your vehicles whenever any sudden response is expected. When driving in the monsoon season during the sharp turns the tyres require a quick response to halt or turn on the steep slopes and if your car is unable to adapt quickly to the situations then aquaplaning might be the reason behind it.

To understand that your car is aquaplaning, try to look out for these pointers that might help you to understand whether your car is actually in need of an extensive check and what aquaplaning does to the car, helping you understand its effect on your travel especially helping you in an intensive monsoon car care:

1) Your steering feels unresponsive.
“Aquaplaning can cause a loss of control over steering as the tyres are unable to grip the road surface.”

2) Your car skids or drifts without control.
“Aquaplaning often results in a car skidding or drifting unpredictably because the car tyres are riding on a layer of water instead of making contact with the road.”

3) You hear splashing sounds around the tyres.
“The splashing sounds indicate that the tyres are skimming over water on the road, a typical symptom of aquaplaning.”

4) The engine revs but the car doesn't speed up.
“When the car tyres lose contact with the road due to aquaplaning, pressing the accelerator may cause the engine to rev without the car gaining speed because there is no traction.”

To prepare for emergencies like these there are certain factors that must be considered that will prepare you to tackle them strategically and will omit the chances of any fatal accidents:

1) Understand the weather conditions
Always consider the weather conditions before proceeding forward with the long journey. The most important thing to consider is the Monsoon season, the season that reports the majority of accidents due to slippery roads, potholes, and manholes, making it the main reason behind aquaplaning. To avoid such situations pay attention to warning signs and adjust your driving technique according to the weather and road conditions.

2) Watch out your speed limit
There is a term “aquaplaning speed” which means the speed at which cars start to aquaplane i.e., mostly above 72–93 km/h (45–58 mph). So it's important to make sure you are driving at optimal speed because during monsoon season you are required to be extra careful due to the slippery roads and potholes leading to instant braking. To avoid all this make sure you are driving at slow speed and maintaining a fair distance with the people ahead of you.

3) Keep a check on the tyres
When it comes to traveling, good tryes are essential, but they become even more important when driving in the rainy season. If your tryes are worn-out, your car may not smoothly come to a halt while braking heavily. To know whether your car is experiencing aquaplaning you should make sure that the tyre tread is way above 1.6mm. Check the grooves of the tyres before heading out. You should schedule your regular car checks so that the tyres get changed whenever its required.

4) Follow the already traced tracks
As the car in front of you moves through the rain, it naturally clears some of the water from the road's surface, leaving behind what we can call 'tracks.' To enhance your safety in wet conditions, it's advisable to drive within these established tracks while maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. By doing so, you're essentially benefiting from the improved grip provided by the cleared path. This reduces the likelihood of your tyres losing traction and experiencing aquaplaning.

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