Join the Bosch Car Service Network

Join the Bosch Car Service Network

Become a Bosch Car Service partner and elevate your auto repair shop to world-class standards with over 100 years of Bosch expertise. Bosch Car Service provides exceptional opportunities for enhancing performance, sales, and marketing through comprehensive technical training, marketing support, and the global recognition of the Bosch brand.

Embrace our innovative workshop concept and unlock outstanding business potential for your workshop.

Advantages of Partnering with Bosch Car Service

Comprehensive Support for Your Workshop

Brand Awareness | Leverage the Strong Bosch Brand

As a concept partner, utilize the Bosch Car Service brand for enhanced workshop appearance and communication, attracting new customers with high recognition value.

Workshop Support | How Bosch Backs Your Workshop

Receive individual support from Bosch sales consultants and authorized wholesalers, including operational management, quality management, and customer loyalty programs.

Marketing | Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Benefit from a range of marketing support, including seasonal offers, direct mailings, online presence, and social media activities.

Training | Extensive Training Opportunities

Access diverse training programs, including diagnostic programs and system technician training, with special conditions for partners.

Technical Equipment & Support | Advanced Tools and Expertise

Get guidance on necessary technical equipment, access to diagnostic software, and technical hotline support.

Quality | Maintaining High Standards

Regular audits and external service provider tests ensure consistent Bosch quality standards.

Requirements to Become a Bosch Car Service Partner

Essential Criteria for Your Workshop

Company | Eligibility

Your workshop must be managed by a full-time owner or manager with decision-making authority.

Premises | Facility Standards

Maintain professional premises with customer parking, an attractive reception, and a waiting area. Implement a robust IT system for business operations.

Branding | Bosch Labelling

Use Bosch branding in compliance with regulations to expand your workshop's reputation.

Team | Staff Requirements

Have at least two full-time technicians, including a master mechanic and a Bosch-trained technician.

Facilities | Equipment Needs

Equip your workshop with Bosch testing tools, diagnostics stations, and platforms for a full range of services.

Collaboration | Partnership Commitments

Participate in Bosch campaigns and adhere to quality standards, using Bosch products and parts.

The Bosch Car Service Story

Celebrating Over 100 Years of Excellence

1921 – 1969

Headline mandatory

Headline mandatory

1921: The first Bosch service opens in Hamburg.

1936: Launch of the diesel injection pump.

1955: First training centres for customer service in Stuttgart.

1960: Over 3,000 workshops in 13 countries.

1921 - 1969

1970 – 1989

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Headline mandatory

1970: New Bosch service logo.

1981: Introduction of the Service Information System (SIS).

1989: Launch of the first diagnostic tester, Bosch KTS 300.

1970 – 1989

1990 – 2000

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1991: Bosch workshop software on CD-ROM.

1999: New concept and logo.

2000: Specialization in vintage and classic automobiles.

1990 – 2000

2001 to today

100 years Bosch Car Service

100 years Bosch Car Service

2021: Bosch Car Service celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Today, Bosch Car Service has over 15,000 workshops in 150 countries, servicing over 210,000 vehicles daily.

2001 to today

Become part of Bosch Car Service

and write your own success story