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Air conditioning service at Bosch Car Service

The Bosch Car Service experts will be pleased to service your air conditioning system.

  • Enjoy a consistently pleasant temperature
  • Filter out many airborne contaminants
  • Avoid unpleasant aircon odours

At Bosch Car Service, our expert mechanics are here to ensure your driving comfort with our comprehensive air conditioning maintenance service. Air conditioning is no longer a luxury but a necessity, providing a pleasant and healthy environment during your journeys. However, a poorly maintained system can lead to reduced cooling efficiency and even contribute to a less-than-fresh cabin atmosphere.
To prevent these issues and maintain optimal performance, we recommend an annual air conditioning service. Our skilled mechanics will thoroughly inspect and service your vehicle's air conditioning system, ensuring that it operates at its best. Trust Bosch Car Service for all your car maintenance needs and experience the difference.

What is checked during an air conditioning service?

In-car air conditioning has two equally important roles – temperature control and filtering. Both are covered by the thorough list of checks and replacements in the car air conditioning service provided by Bosch Car Service.

As regards the cooling functionality, your skilled and well-equipped engineer will not only carry out a car air conditioning recharge but also work through a number of tests to make sure that the system is fault free and working absolutely correctly.

The service will usually include replacement of the disposable filter component.

Cooling in your air conditioning service

As you probably know, air conditioning units work by circulating refrigerant fluid. Topping up this refrigerant is one of the main tasks of an air conditioning service, since systems typically lose up to 8% of it every year. It is not a job that can be carried out at home. Nor is it something that you should trust to an inexpert servicing provider.

Having topped up the refrigerant, it is necessary to make sure that all is well with the system. If you are not running the aircon regularly (for example in cooler weather), the seals in the system can be deprived of lubrication and become prone to leakage. Using professional equipment and expert knowledge, the workshop staff at Bosch Car Service will check for leaks and ensure that the system is able to maintain refrigerant pressure. If any problems are detected, they are well qualified to carry out car air conditioning repairs (with your approval).

Something you may not know is that car air conditioning systems contain a component called a dryer. It removes moisture from the refrigerant, which would otherwise cause wear and tear. This item has a limited life span and needs to be replaced regularly to avoid damaging the whole system. Your Bosch Car Service engineer will find out whether the dryer needs replacing and do so if necessary. Once again, this is something that only a reputable air conditioning repair service should undertake.

Why does the Air Conditioning filter need replacing?

The filter in your aircon system, which is responsible for keeping airborne contaminants out of the car, is another item that tends to deteriorate over time. Your air conditioning service will therefore usually involve replacing the filter. This is something that benefits all vehicle owners, but it is especially important for anyone who suffers from hay fever or an allergy. It is even more important if you regularly transport children with health issues of this kind. Early spring, before the heat and pollen start to build up, is the ideal time to contact Bosch Car Service and ask them to check your air conditioning.

But there’s also another reason for changing the filter in your aircon. It can become a comfortable home for bacteria and fungi, and this will eventually cause unpleasant odours inside the vehicle if it is not attended to. The problem typically develops during a period when the air conditioning is not in use – another reason to consider requesting a service in the spring.

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