Light globe

Light globe checks and other light service

Trusting your light service requirements to Bosch Car Service has some important benefits.

  • Stay safe on the road
  • Fiddly Light globe replacement taken care of

If you notice any problems with the lights on your vehicle, contact Bosch Car Service promptly. We are here to help with all your light service needs – even light globe checks and replacements. If you simply want to establish that your lights are working properly, for example as an add-on to another service, our experts will once again be happy to assist.

Why is a light globe check and light service so important?

It is very important to keep an eye out for problems with your car lights and deal with any issues promptly. Failing to spot a broken light or deciding to leave it a few days before getting the problem fixed could easily result in an accident or attention from the police.

Think of the lights on your vehicle as a safety system. If you maintain them in a careless way, you are potentially exposing yourself to danger. For example, consider the consequences of driving at night with just one headlight. An oncoming driver could very well hit the unlit side of your car. Even an accident that is not your fault could leave you in a difficult position with your insurance company if it emerges that one of your lights wasn’t working.

Given the importance of light service jobs, you naturally want a responsible partner to take care of them – just like any other safety-critical maintenance task. That’s why you should always contact Bosch Car Service, not just for larger headlight repair or headlight replacement jobs, but also for light globe checks and replacements.

Performing light globe checks and light inspections

We tend to take the light and signal system on our vehicles for granted. But it incorporates quite a lot of different items, and every car has a slightly different arrangement. Here is a check list.

  • Headlights and side lights
  • Fog lights front and back
  • Brake lights
  • Indicators / hazard lights front and back
  • Reversing lights
  • Lights for the license plates

Making sure the globes that serve these functions are working is the most obvious task. But in addition to a thorough light globe check, the lenses in each location need to be regularly checked for cracks, chips or anything else impeding the light. The reflectors should also be checked for stains, which can develop if water penetrates the light fitting.

Your lights can be a cause of danger if they are set too high or if they aren’t illuminating the whole road, so it’s important to assess their alignment periodically.

We are very happy to carry out a thorough assessment of your vehicle’s light and signal system, whether or not you have noticed a specific issue in your own checks. Some straightforward problems such as headlight adjustment and globe replacement can be resolved immediately. More important issues will be documented, and we will ask your permission to go ahead with a fix.

Why ask us to do light globe replacements?

If you have ever tried to change a light globe yourself, you will know just how frustrating it can be. For one thing, it is rather difficult to work out exactly what type of globe you need. It means trawling through documentation and dealing with confusing component lists. And when you have the right globe, you can easily end up damaging it before you even get it into the mounting – just touching a halogen globe is enough to break it completely. Even getting into the light assembly in order to replace a globe is a tricky process requiring tools, time and patience. Who needs all that bother when you can quite simply ask Bosch Car Service to do the replacement for you?

And there’s another reason to let us carry out light globe replacements. Sometimes, what seemed like a broken globe can turn out to be a little more complicated. For example, problems with electrical connections are often mistaken for simple globe failures. In such situations, Bosch Car Service is well qualified to brief you on the likely causes and propose a solution.

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