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Request a multi-point check from the experts at Bosch Car Service

When you feel your car is overused, or you are planning a long road trip, our stem-to stern check points will ensure to identify any damage or faults.

It is tempting to neglect the servicing of your vehicle, or to do the bare minimum and hope for the best, but thorough and regular checks have a host of benefits in the long run. And the multi-point check of Bosch Car Service combines a lot of different points and checks for your car.

Multi-point check avoids future problems

Everyone knows that it is important to have your vehicle serviced regularly – if only to protect your investment. But let’s face it, servicing schedules can be complicated and difficult to understand. So, we put it off and try not to think about the consequences of poor maintenance, which can include breakdowns and worse.

But here’s good news: Bosch Car Service have designed a multi-point check for cars to help you give your vehicle the care it deserves in the easiest possible way. Most importantly, this thorough service will give you complete peace of mind about your own safety and that of your passengers, as well as helping you to avoid the aggravation of a breakdown.

In addition, it will decrease the total cost of owning the vehicle by making costly one-off maintenance less likely, while increasing the mileage you get out of a tank of petrol.

And finally, when you need to sell your vehicle, you are more likely to get a good price if you can show potential buyers a set of Bosch Car Service documentation proving thorough and consistent servicing.

What is covered by a multi-point check?

A multi-point check is the best care a car can get. It includes most of the equipment checks, changes and top-ups that are covered by the vehicle’s servicing schedule, but it does them all in one go. Here are some of the key activities:

  • Electrical and Electronic systems
  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Underbody
  • Horn
  • Brakes (visual inspection)
  • Wipers
  • Battery (visual inspection)
  • Fluids
  • Air conditioning system

If problems are detected during the service, Bosch Car Service will contact you to suggest a remedy and ask your permission to proceed with the work.

For whom do you recommend multi-point check service?

Whether your vehicle use is light or more intensive, you can benefit from a multi-point check.

If you are one of those drivers who only uses their vehicle for brief errands such as the school pick-ups, tuition drop offs, and shopping, you may be tempted to think that you don’t need this check. But the truth is that this kind of usage is actually tougher on vehicles. It commonly involves stop-start driving, which severely tests brakes, battery and lubrication, as well as increasing fuel consumption.

If you often make long trips or spend hours at the wheel, the need for frequent multi-point inspections is clear. In addition, drivers in this category certainly don’t want to find themselves in serious trouble when they are far from home or in the middle of an important task.

Why prefer Bosch Car Service for a multi-point check?

Bosch Car Service workshops are well-equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment. That gives them a major advantage in detecting any potential problems with your vehicle.

Some servicing providers make the mistake of using parts and materials of a poorer quality in order to save on costs. This is a trap, as such items simply don’t perform as well as the better-quality parts. When Bosch Car Service workshops replace a part, they use genuine spares that meet the relevant OEM standard.

When you check your car in for a multi-point check, you naturally want the workshop team to take their time and get things right. So Bosch Car Service certainly won’t rush through their extensive list of checks and changes. But we do understand that your vehicle plays an important role in your life, so we will ensure that you get it back in good time.

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