Seasonal Car Check

Be ready for the season with our services

Bosch Car Service recommends giving your vehicle a thorough vehicle check-up at the changing of the seasons.

  • Keeps the most used auto part in check
  • Maintains preparedness for high or extreme temperatures
  • Gives you confidence that everything is in order with your vehicle

It is advisable to be season avoid being stranded under scorching heat with an engine failure, or get stuck with an unpleasant odour in your car, or you have to deal with a faulty wiper or get stuck because your needs a battery jumpstart, The seasonal car check-up from Bosch Car Service is the perfect solution.

What is a seasonal car check-up for?

The experts at Bosch Car Service can help you deal with the inevitable deterioration in the state of your vehicle over the previous season. They will ensure that you are prepared for a scorching summer, cold winters and unpredictable rainy weather conditions. Based on the season’s necessity, our experts will service the car. You can get auto parts replaced as per its requirement during the season. For summers, one can opt for Car diagnostics and Air conditioning services. For rains, it can be a inspection of the wiper blades, car bulbs and brakes. And, for the winters, we focus on a thorough battery check.

A seasonal car check-up is about looking forward to a new season. We love to plan our holidays, summer is one of those times when it feels good to give things a thorough checking over and get them in good working order.

Dealing with deterioration

In some parts of India, it snows in winter. Due to the low temperature, your car can deteriorate in a variety of ways, and repair or replacement of parts may be required as a result. One of the most common problems is damage to the battery, reducing its ability to hold a charge. This can result in failure to start the engine. In addition, the air in the tyres may have lost pressure due to the cold. This can affect handling and fuel efficiency, so bringing the tyres up to the correct pressure is an important aspect in such regions.

Stay prepared with a seasonal car check-up

It is very important that a seasonal check ensures that your vehicle is ready for the unexpected return of harsh conditions, with fluids and other items replenished or replaced.

Windscreen sprays and coolant are obviously important items on the top-up list. Both must be capable of dealing with the coldest possible conditions in your area. It is also important to avoid mixing different fluid types, as this will make them less effective. Bosch Car Service will take care of all that for you.

Another item that may need to be replaced in order to ensure that you remain fully prepared for poor conditions is your vehicle’s set of light bulbs. In the summer, you may still be driving around in the dark, since the daylight hours are still fairly short. You may also find that you need to use your fog lights, especially in the early morning. The bulbs in fog lights are particularly important checklist items because we use them so rarely – they can break and go unnoticed.

All replacement items and materials used by Bosch Car Service are high-quality and OEM standard.

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