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Best tips to make your car winter-ready

Your car can take a heavy toll due to harsh weather conditions. Also, your car always needs good care to ensure it stays in top-notch condition, irrespective of the monsoon, summer, or winter season. But to keep your vehicle running smoothly especially during cold conditions, we have developed in-depth winter car care tips.

Necessary car care tips for winter

Taking proper steps to prepare your car for winter becomes essential since winter can be brutal in certain parts of India and early precaution can help you to increase the lifespan of your vehicle. You can also reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs by using the proper car care.

1. Car lights

There is less daylight during the winter since the sun sets early in the day. Thus, ensuring your car lights are working at their optimum level becomes essential. Get the car lights (headlights, reverse headlights, turn indicators and tail lights) checked if they are not working and replace them.

2. Car battery

Generally, operating in cold weather becomes more challenging for the battery compared to hot weather. A weak battery that is likely to die during the winter may still work during the warm season. So it is essential to check the battery to ensure it is in working condition before going on a long journey. To avoid being stranded on the road, ensure you replace the battery immediately if it needs to be replaced.

3. Engine oil

If you have been using the same engine oil for too long without changing it, there may be a better solution than just topping up with a new batch or coolant. Consider using the right engine oil for cold weather conditions, e.g. lighter engine oil. Always go through the owner's manual and fill the engine oil and coolant according to the manufacturer's recommended temperature ranges.

4. Windshield wipers

Windshield wipers do not have a long lifespan but play an important role in cold conditions. It is better to replace them with new wiper blades if there are visible cracks or damage.

5. Windshield

The integral part of a vehicle is the car's windshield, which helps prevent snow, fog, rain or wind from entering the cabin. Hence, perform a thorough check to identify the cracks or seepage of water. Cold weather could also hamper your vision of the path ahead by accumulating fog, mist or frost on the car's windshield. But by balancing the temperature inside and outside the vehicle using the climate control system or the defroster, you can solve this problem.

6. Defroster & climate control

The climate control system maintains the best temperature in your car and the defroster keeps your car windows from freezing or getting foggy. Make suitable repairs or replacements to ensure both are in working condition.

7. Tyre pressure and tread depth

Tyres are the first contact point between the car and the surface, especially during winter, and they need regular maintenance. Ensure the tyre pressure is up to the prescribed limits by checking it regularly.

8. Car engine

Warming your car engine is among the simplest methods of winter care for your car during cold conditions, which also helps engine oil cover every engine's nook and corner. You can help the engine warm up and perform to its optimum level just by revving the machine for a few minutes, which also helps decrease the engine's wear and tear.

9. Brakes

The roads can be slippery in wet conditions; hence you need good breaks to help you avoid mishaps. Get the brakes replaced if required, and regularly check the brake pads and the disc for wear and tear.

Doing your homework before driving your car in cold conditions is the best tip we can provide for all the cautious drivers out there. If your vehicle has any of the faults mentioned above, you can consider the Bosch Car Service and place your car in the trusted hands to make your car complete winter-ready!