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Keep Your Car Cool by Maintaining the AC

Air Conditioners can be very comforting and relieving, especially when driving in the scorching heat. Let’s face it— the car AC is nothing less than a blessing of a feature. Driving in the summer heat or on a humid evening calls for an AC at its maximum cooling capacity to ensure a smooth and comfortable drive.

We all must have had a malfunctioning AC when it’s needed the most, and it definitely hasn’t been a pleasant experience. Plus, the expense of a car AC repair can be hefty. Luckily, you can minimize the chance of it happening by a great deal by following some routine measures. They will save you the cost of going to repair and the inconvenience of a malfunctioning AC!

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Here are some measures that can be taken to keep your car’s AC fully functioning and maintain its maximum cooling effect:

1. Use your AC Regularly

It is a common misconception that using the car’s AC every day will cause it to malfunction. However, the exact opposite of it is true. Just like the engine, using your car’s AC daily can ensure its smooth functioning and prevent it from malfunctioning. Use it for a minimum of 10-15 minutes per week to keep your AC young and optimal.

2. Regular Servicing

Ensure you get your AC serviced after regular intervals. This will keep your AC working smoothly and efficiently. With the specialized AC services at our service center, your AC is sure to function at its peak efficiency after every servicing visit.

3. Replace Cabin Air Filter Regularly

The cabin air filter prevents dust particles and pollutants from entering your vehicle’s cabin. Hence, your cabin’s air filter can get clogged, causing your AC to malfunction. It can also become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, leading to an unhealthy cabin environment.

On an average, your air filter should be replaced once a year. However, depending on the driving conditions, you should keep it in check and get the necessary maintenance in order to keep your AC healthy and functional. A car ac cleaning service includes this.

4. Avoid Pre-cooling

While it may be tempting to start the AC of the car before beginning your drive, it should be avoided. The AC should be turned on simultaneously with the ignition. This will make your car’s cooling system work better without any wastage of gas.

5. Check Refrigerant Level

Include this in your vehicle’s regular service. Get your refrigerant level checked every time so you can know how much is there and whether it will be needing a refill anytime soon. Using the car AC when at a low refrigerant level can negatively affect the cooling and smooth functioning. Hence, it is important to maintain the refrigerant at the optimal level.

Car AC Service Overview

The air conditioning system comes in contact with a lot of dirt and dust from the surroundings. This makes the cleaning of the cooling system components, like the condenser coil and blower fan, necessary. Likewise, the cooling coil is cleansed of all foreign particles to ensure its smooth functioning.

The condenser’s main function is transferring the heat from the cabin to the outside atmosphere. Its constant exposure to dust and impurities in the air requires it to be cleaned with a high-pressure wash to thoroughly eliminate all the dirt that may be stuck to it. Any other blockages that may have developed are cleaned and cleared, along with proper restoration of all the electrical connections.

The dashboard and bumper back are then finally fitted back, followed by the cleaning of the AC vents and the dashboard to get rid of any remaining dust particles.

Getting a car air conditioner repaired and serviced by a trusted-credible mechanic is important as it is a complex process that involves removing the dashboard with its electrical connections and reconnecting them correctly and in the right manner.

Bosch Car Service, being a world-class name with 100 years in the industry. Their highly qualified technicians, latest tech and quality standard for genuine auto parts will give the best AC repair and servicing for your car. Book an appointment and get your air conditioner to function as good as new, giving you the most comfort-filled drives throughout the year!