Reasons to spend your money on Genuine OEM/OES car parts

Reasons to spend your money on Genuine OEM/OES car parts

When it comes to our own vehicle, we always look for the best fix in terms of durability and price. However, the market will always have inexpensive alternatives, which may seem tempting. However, it is essential to ensure that the parts being replaced are genuine and original, as the market is full of counterfeit parts that can threaten your safety and the longevity of your vehicle.

What are OEM & OES Spare Parts?


Original Equipment Manufacturer spare (OEM Spare) parts are produced by the entity that manufactures original parts for automakers. They are created with the same machinery and accuracy as the originals while guaranteeing a flawless fit, finish, and operation. OEM spares do not bear the automaker's logo. Vendors also usually provide a warranty on OEM replacement parts.

OES Spares

Original Equipment Supplier or OES spare parts, also known as Automotive Aftermarket parts, are identical to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts in terms of reliability and performance. The most significant distinction is that OES replacement parts come from many more assembly lines than OEM. They are the genuine spares apart from the ones sold by the OEMs. They are designed with a similar level of accuracy and care and adhere to the exact specifications as OEMs without sacrificing quality.

Automobile manufacturers rely on several suppliers to meet this need for regular and reliable spare component inflow. Each supplier uses the same manufacturing process to retain the same construction quality and measurements. OES spare parts are inexpensive without compromising on quality.

While the best parts to fix your car are available in the market, still, sometimes you may come across a few counterfeit parts.

It is necessary to be vigilant of imported or fake spare parts. These spare components are obviously fabricated with subpar equipment and questionable methods. They are meant to cost less to the manufacturers as the raw materials used are cheaper and of low quality. These parts look exactly the same as original OEM/OES parts, the only difference being the composition. Such fake auto components can set off a series of breakdowns in a vehicle since they feel and look just like OEM/OES parts. They are not made to match the standards of your vehicle’s company standards.

These counterfeit spare parts aren't made to your car's requirements, which might cause breakdowns and mechanical issues. Even worse, using fraudulent auto components raises serious safety issues.

In recent years, several car accidents have been brought on by bogus auto parts. The car could suddenly halt, which could cause a chain of unanticipated events. Today, in our country, the usage of counterfeit parts has contributed to about 50% of road fatalities. These businesses use low-quality raw materials, which lower the overall quality of the automobile parts. It is highly recommended not to use or promote the use of such auto components merely because they are inexpensive as they put the lives of the drivers and passengers at stake.

They can cause the following problems to your vehicle:

  • Compromised structural stability
  • Fire hazards due to electrical components
  • Unstable wheel that can bend and break in slightly extreme conditions
  • Failure of the break
  • Engine failure which may also lead to fire

But how do you differentiate between original and fake parts?

  • QR Codes
    The original spare parts consist of a QR code which can be scanned to confirm their authenticity
  • Serial Number
    Check the packaging for a serial number which can be used to trace the part back to the manufacturer and confirm its legitimacy
  • Hologram
    Original OES/OEM parts can be found with a hologram of the manufacturer stuck onto it
  • RFID Tags
    RFID tags can be found on parts that are high-valued. These tags can be traced back to the manufacturer, hence ensuring that the customers get only the most genuine of spares for replacement.

At Bosch Car Service, we use only the 100% genuine OEM/OES parts and make it a point to be extra careful of the same. Our 100-year legacy of being in the industry and 15 years of being in India as a car service provider has equipped us with the knowledge and sources of receiving only the best and highest quality parts that you deserve.