Signs your Car needs a Wheel Alignment

Signs your Car needs a Wheel Alignment

Cars require a good amount of servicing and maintenance. The daily commutes, especially on the Indian roads, which are known for their potholes, can subject it to frequent wear and tear and damage the car wheel alignment. When your car starts drifting on the road or your steering feels slightly unresponsive, there’s a chance something’s wrong with the wheel alignment. Wheel misalignment can be easily recognised, and should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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Here are signs to identify a wheel alignment problem:

1. Off-Centered Steering Wheel
The steering wheel should be aligned perfectly straight when you aren’t turning. A good way to check is by looking at your car’s logo at the center of the steering wheel, if it is tilted, then there is a problem with the alignment. Your vehicle is due for servicing if the wheel is tilted beyond 2-3 degrees on either side.

2. Road Test
Drive straight on a long stretch of road and try to notice if your vehicle pulls to either side. Keep both hands on the steering wheel, as the crowning of the road may naturally cause your vehicle to move diagonally instead of straight. If it takes a lot of effort to hold the steering straight, then there might be a problem with the alignment.

3. Tyre Wear
Tyre wear can tell a lot about your vehicle’s condition. Varied wear patterns can be a sign of misalignment in your car. Check your tyre in case you notice uneven wear, as they can be a sign of misaligned tyres.

4. Loose Handling
Sometimes the steering in your car may feel loose or unstable. This can be because of poor wheel alignment. Loose steering is wobbly and can make you feel like your car isn’t moving straight, requiring you to correct its path again and again. This can mean that there is a problem with the alignment of your car.

5. The steering doesn’t return to center
Every time you make a turn, the steering wheel automatically realigns to the center. If the steering feels hindrance in making its way back to the center, it’s a sign that the alignment is off.

6. Parked Alignment
It is good to inspect the wheel alignment with a tape measure and level if possible. The car’s natural alignment is usually slightly “toe-in” (each tire is slightly angled inwards) and can sometimes be too much towards the center. Measure the distance between the front and rear centerlines to check for alignment issues. With the level, the vertical alignment of your car can also be tested.

7. Negate tyre issues
Tire issues can cause similar problems, like drifting and unresponsive steering. It is, therefore, necessary to eliminate tyre issues, like low air pressure, tyre size, and wear, since wear can also affect the steering. In case of any damage, you can always opt for a car tyre fitting service for replacement.

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